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Carrier Solutions

For a growing number of carriers, providing a seamless billing option at point of sale is paying large dividends.

We are proud to offer FIRST Connect. An integrated premium financing solution for  Carriers, and MGAs at zero cost and with little to no additional work for their staff.

Now is the time to offer your brokers full service financing and pay plans as part of your service offering.


How does FIRST Connect work?

  Your office generates and sends an insurance quote and finance agreement via email, fax or mail to your brokers

  The broker presents your complete package including the insurance quote and payment option

The broker submits the signed agreement directly to us for processing

  We accept and send out notices of finance premium then funds the brokerage the entire policy, fee’s, and tax amount

  We work directly with the broker and insured on any questions, concerns, payments, etc.

"We are now able to give our clients the premium finance options that they requested by utilizing a user friendly platform..." Read
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