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You will have the final say on the finance process.

Because you own the company, your office can increase flexibility on service and terms. Our seamless easy to use online quoting and management process enables your users to create and manage premium finance agreements quickly & professionally. We manage all submitted premium finance contracts electronically which allows our experience and expertise to protect our partners and oversee the daily activities of your finance company.

You will control the rates and terms of financing.

You can set the A.P.R. for your own clients. Need a late fee waived or a cancellation held a day or two to improve (or save) a relationship with a policyholder? Because we work for you, simply let us know – remember, you own the finance company. We will always advise and assist you on the decision and risks you will want to avoid.

You will have access to live reporting at all times.

As owner of your own premium finance company, you have 24/7 access to live reports with company information, including account and financial information. Our reports are both easy to read and easy to customize for your needs, making it simple for you to monitor your premium finance company and ensure that it is operating the way you want it to.


Add revenue and increased profits without adding staff or workload.

What makes us so unique and revolutionary is that the additional revenue your premium finance company generates requires no additional staff, no purchasing expensive and complicated software, no development of legal forms and documents, and comes without the headache and hassle of running an additional business. We perform all administrative, managerial, and bookkeeping functions for your premium finance portfolio in exchange for a modest fee structure. The fee structure is simple and really does enable you to earn all of the profit from premium financing while we do all the work.

No fixed cost, nothing to buy, no one to hire.

We earn service fees on finance contracts submitted into your premium finance company – meaning there is no fixed expense. We handle all daily operations of the premium finance company, including billing and payment processing, accounting, book and record keeping, collections, and sending of notices to carriers for security, cancellation, and reinstatement purposes. We do it all.

Additional Financing Facility for Your Brokerage.

By introducing our process into your office your brokerage has access to FIRST Canada’s premium financing with highly competitive terms and rates. If you choose to delay the launch of your own premium finance company or you need an additional facility to support your volumes, we are here to support your brokerage. Once your brokerage uses FIRST Canada’s premium financing, you will gain insight into the potential of operating your own premium finance subsidiary.


Broker Benefits

Seamless Broker Set-up and Roll-out.

Our solution is a turn-key operation that enables your premium finance company to be up and running quickly, allowing you to remain focused on your core business. Once you form and name your own premium finance company, we will assist in setting up all proper terms and rates necessary for operation. We prepare all the required applications, customize your account set-up and configure it to your needs. We will then train your office(s) on using our system and the premium finance process in general. For most brokers who are already arranging financing through third party sources, the transition is seamless and in most cases much easier to manage. We can also provide lines of credit to fund your own premium financing , if needed.

Added Benefits.

Not only will you gain the revenue your premium finance subsidiary generates, owning your own premium finance subsidiary gives you the flexibility to better service your policyholders with minimal risk. Premium finance loans are secured by the down payment and each loan is structured so that if the borrower defaults during the repayment period the insurance policy is cancelled and more than sufficient unearned premium should remain to pay off the loan.

By owning your own premium finance company you are also building an asset that compliments your existing business, this allows for lots of flexibility and leverage that compliments future growth, acquisitions, or buyouts.

"We are now able to give our clients the premium finance options that they requested by utilizing a user friendly platform..." Read
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