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Traditional Premium Finance Solution


FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada Premium Finance

In addition to providing outsourced management services for broker owned premium finance companies, we also provides a traditional premium finance solution for brokers.

Using our facility, brokers can offer premium finance solutions without having to put up any capital to fund the loans. You provide the signed premium finance agreement and FIRST Insurance Funding of  Canada funds your trust account.

We are a national premium financing company that is committed to providing insurance brokers with a solution that supports the growth and profitability of their business.

Broker Owned Premium Finance

What makes FIRST Canada unique is the ability to support its broker network with a traditional premium financing solution and also providing a vehicle to allow for the seamless transition to a broker-owned premium finance subsidiary. We can facilitate a broker’s desire to realize the many benefits obtainable from ownership without incurring the start-up and management risks associated with building one’s own premium finance operation.

A Simple Monthly Billing Option – Providing clients with a monthly billing option that you control has never been easier. A streamlined presentment process allows brokers to offer a payment option to most clients without the traditional upfront manual creation of a premium finance contract. We help you enhance your Agency Bill process, reduce your reliance on carrier Direct Bill programs and provide an improved customer experience.

A True Partnership – As soon as your portfolio is placed with FIRST Canada you are starting to build your premium finance subsidiary. If you decide not to establish your own premium finance subsidiary then once you have achieved sufficient critical mass we will directly share the profits with you. This will help your brokerage’s bottom line and give you insight to the potential of operating your own premium finance subsidiary.


FIRST InSite Process – simple monthly billing option from your BMS

On-line service – web quoting, endorsement, renewal and account management

Advanced Management Reporting – detailed reporting for managing your portfolio

"We are now able to give our clients the premium finance options that they requested by utilizing a user friendly platform..." Read
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