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Broker Owned Premium Financing


Broker Owned Premium Finance

A professional management solution.

What makes us unique is the ability to support its broker network with a traditional premium financing solution while also providing a vehicle to allow for the seamless transition to a broker-owned premium finance subsidiary. We can facilitate a broker’s desire to realize the many benefits obtainable from ownership without incurring the start-up and management risks associated with building one’s own premium finance operation.

  •  Capture the profits and build an asset
  •  A professionally managed premium finance solution
  •  No additional staffing
  •  Client Ownership

Capture the profits and build an asset

Creating your own premium finance subsidiary will allow you to increase profits, gain control of your premium finance asset and expand your service offering. You also get to keep the profits generated from premium financing while building a valuable asset for your organization.

A professionally managed premium finance solution

Policy Bill has the experience and expertise to operate your premium finance subsidiary. We will help you with the initial set up and then administer your new company in a professional manner using established, carefully monitored procedures and the latest technology. We minimize the management risks associated with starting and operating a premium finance subsidiary on your own.

No additional staffing or operational headaches

We perform all of the day-to-day administration, management, and book keeping functions for your new subsidiary. Your staff generates the premium finance quotes and we take care of the rest.

Client Ownership

When you outsource the management of your premium finance operation through FIRST Canada you retain complete ownership and control of your client relationship.


You will have complete control of your premium finance subsidiary bank account. We do not require signing authority on any account. We provide system generated bank files to your accounting department for processing. All other banking is managed directly by you.


You maintain complete control over the type and amount of risk to finance together with the interest rate. In fact, you can have a tiered interest rate option based on the account profile and size. We will assist you along the way but ultimately you stay in control of the process while we manage the day-to-day activities.

"We are now able to give our clients the premium finance options that they requested by utilizing a user friendly platform..." Read
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