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Credit Card Services

We have simplified the relationship with your clients by making it easier for them to pay you.   Our unique premium finance and credit card offering provides your clients convenient payment options that make economic sense to your brokerage.
Your clients have the option to pay in full, choose a monthly payment plan, or settle by credit card on your website.

1 Present Payments Form to your client
2 Client selects payment option
    A – Payment in full     B – Credit card    C – Monthly pay plan
3 Payment is sent to your brokerage account
   – Single point of reference
   – Simple reconciliation process

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?
ƒƒIt is simple and free to activate your brokerage, simply email or call us.

How much does it cost?
ƒƒThere is no cost to activate your brokerage on our platform.
ƒƒFor credit card transactions merchant fees are charged, and the brokerage has the ability to off-set these by charging the card holder an administration fee.
ƒƒFor premium financing the brokerage has the option to have an in house premium finance offering or to use FIRST Canada’s financing, interest is charged to the client for their monthly pay plan.

Who sets the administration fee to the client?
ƒƒThe brokerage sets the administration fee the client pays. This fee can be set as a percentage or dollar amount.

When do we get the payment into our trust account?
ƒƒNext day – the money flows directly from the client’s credit card to your trust account.

Can the client pay without a Policy Payments ID?
ƒƒYes, if the brokerage embeds www.PolicyPayments.com into its own website, the client has the option to enter identifying information and pay any amount
to the brokerage by credit card.

How do we create the Policy Payments Form?
ƒƒOur platform is cloud based so it is easy to create the Policy Payments Form online or through a mobile device.
ƒƒThe Policy Payments Form may be created:
––using a personalized Quote Form Link
––through your Broker Management System
––by logging into www.insite.ca
––via our CONNECT partners – the Policy Payments Form is sent to you along with the policy quote from participating Carriers and MGAs

May the client call in with their credit card payment?
ƒƒPolicy Payments is primarily a self-service option, however, if a client calls, a broker may complete the steps on behalf of the client.
It is not recommended to record or store the credit card information within the brokerage office.

"We are now able to give our clients the premium finance options that they requested by utilizing a user friendly platform..." Read
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